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Jussi Hämäläinen

Full-stack Web Developer

Mr. Bulb

Original launch:

December, 2015

Build time:

40 hours (4 days)

Main technologies used:


Link to homepage:

Nice little project. I ended up playing this 90s game Supaplex on one weekend. That got me thinking - maybe I could do my own version. Well, this will not reach the level of endless fun that Supaplex provides, but I think it has some appeal. Levels are simple yet require little thinking. Graphics are pretty toyish.

Basically this game is about collecting coins and avoiding falling rocks. Developed with This time I had to make my own little physics engine (Phaser one is too non-deterministic). Was not that hard as the game is practically turn-based; player moves, stones fall, player moves again... etc.

Probably the most time-consuming part was incorporating a level editor into the game. Levels created in the game are saved to localStorage so they are playable even after system shutdown.