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Jussi Hämäläinen

Full-stack Web Developer


Original launch:

January, 2015

Build time:

40 hours (~4 days)

Main technologies used:

Javascript, HTML5/CSS

Link to homepage:

Delightful personal project. I wanted to create exact duplicate of infamous RAY JokeriPokeri slot game. Naturally, I wanted to recreate the the original version - not the all-fancy 21th-century one. I think I did decent job - original cards were not available so I had to stock images, and sounds are missing. Also I took little shortcuts with animating stuff like gathering winnings into credit bar. However, the animation of cards seems legit to me. One bit more serious issue remains - card images are fetched from server as they happen to appear on screen. With slow internet connections, this causes animations appearing to go haywire.

Practically the whole app is one big finite state machine (FSM) with event listeners bind to buttons. App has its internal event system (using jQuery's custom events), which broadcasts notifications like "deckAnimationEnded" etc. Not very complicated setup, but elegant - at least in my mind.

I learnt to appreciate FSMs. Also this was the first project for me to use jQuery's custom event broadcasting.