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Jussi Hämäläinen

Full-stack Web Developer

Original launch:

June, 2015

Build time:

50 hours (~5 days, ~1 week)

Main technologies used:


Link to homepage:

Abandonded, but video in Youtube:

A little yet very addictive two-player, split-screen space shooter. Pure HTML5, works on Chrome and has support for gamepads. This is a game built for very speficic purpose: plug-in two controllers (XBox pads are fine) to computer's USBs, put browser to full screen -mode, and stream it to TV*.

End result? JS/HTML5 -game emulating console-gaming experience and bringing back the good memories from days when game studios still understood the value of split-screen.

This game is built using -framework. Absolutely amazing framework, but like anything opinionated, it has drawbacks when pushing outside the comfort zone. Making split-screen work required some code gymnastics (practically the game runs no less than three separate game loops, all simultaneously), but well... at least it works. Performance-wise it is a frigging nightmare; my desktop computer can run 60 FPS only on Google Chrome. On Firefox, it is too sluggish. I don't know why, probably Chrome has some kick-ass JS optimization that Firefox lacks...

All in all, I am extremely happy how this game turned out. Physics are spot on and gameplay is addictive. Sounds effects are pretty neat too, thanks for the folks at

*HDMI cable is a obvious choice, but Chromecast may work too.