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Jussi Hämäläinen

Full-stack Web Developer


Original launch:

April, 2016

Build time:

30 hours (~ 3 days)

Main technologies used:

PHP, Laravel, Node.js, PDF generation

Link to homepage:


A simple Laravel application for auto-generating finnish work safety documents. User inputs few pieces of data (like company name, address, etc.) and the system auto-parses that data into templates and thus generates ready-to-print documents.

Done in collaboration with excellent Lyyti Oy - they provided document templates, I produced technical implementation.

This is also one of those system where Node.js and Laravel co-operate nicely to produce all necessary functionalities. Basically PHP side (Laravel) asks user the data and then generates preview documents for user. The user can then do necessary modifications and when he is done, client-side app sends the modified documents to Node.js server as HTML strings. The Node.js side then generates a big pile of PDF files from those HTML strings and returns a download link to the user.