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Jussi Hämäläinen

Full-stack Web Developer

Original launch:

March, 2016

Build time:

80 hours (~ 2 weeks)

Main technologies used:

PHP, Laravel

Link to homepage:

(Currently offline)

This was a good project. UI looks great, everything just works and code is easy to manage. I built this specifically for helping small companies and communities better schedule their reservations to various items. Like summer cottages. The system keeps track of reservations and makes sure there are no overlapping ones.

All in all it is a pretty neat system with some cool(ish) features, like toggleable auto-notifications via email when somebody reserves something and possibility to invite new members to "reservation circle".

Happy I did this although it has not taken off. Learnt Laravel a lot while coding this. Especially handling relationships with ORM and data modelling in general.

Update 27.1.2017: Project currently offline. Codebase can be found in Github.