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Jussi Hämäläinen

Full-stack Web Developer

Original launch:

January, 2016

Build time:

100 hours (~ 2 weeks)

Main technologies used:

Javascript, Node.js, PHP, Laravel

Link to homepage:

(Currently offline)

Bleh. This is one of my lousier projects. I had huge hopes for this little app idea - allowing casual web surfers to compete against each other by solving quizzes.

I designed the system so that PHP part took care of hosting quiz data, and separate Node.js server fetched soon-to-be-starting quizzes every few seconds. This way users could create quizzes on PHP side, and play them real-time in Node.js side.

I did get this architecture to work, but Node.js-side ended up pretty buggy. It works, but just barely.

Currently I have Node.js quiz servers shut down. PHP side is still online, here

This project taught me how important version control is. So many bugs in my Node.js code...ahh, live and learn.

Update 27.1.2017: This project is currently without working domain.